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Norma Bohannan


Jim Burr was elected President of GSMOL. Tim Sheahan was elected Vice-President of Zone D. Lloyd Logan continues as Vice-President of Zone A. Zone A has been split in half. Regions 4, 11, and 14 remain in Zone A. Regions 1 and 2 have split off to form a new zone; that new Zone is called Zone A-1. Members from Regions 1 and 2 caucused to elect Roger McConnel as Vice-President of Zone A-1.


Assemblymember Pedro Nava was presented with "legislator of the year" award. Pedro Nava is our friend to manufactured-home owners.

Assemblymember Norma Torres spoke. She says she understands our issues. Norma Torres is chair of Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee.


Throughout the convention, there were many discussions about the Guggheim vs. City of Goleta lawsuit. There were several manufactured-home owners from Goleta attending and asking questions. In general, the attorneys and GSMOL leaders at the convention agree: the legality of all rent control ordinances in the state of California depend on the outcome of this case. Probably it will go all the way to Supreme Court. GSMOL and many, many other organizations are teamed up to fight this legal battle to defend rent control. It is a very expensive fight.


There was a workshop about cooperating with other manufactured-home owner groups and HOA's. In fact, there was quite a bit of discussion about this all through the convention. If we all kill each other, the park owners win and the manufactured-home owners lose.

One interesting workshop was "Defending against Eviction". Bruce Stanton advised us to always pay whatever we are billed; protesting some charge on the bill is separate. He advised us to always reply, in writing, to every written notice or letter from owner or manager. And always keep a paper trail, including any complaint or evidence you have in your defense or against management.

There was a workshop about Building Homeowner Action Teams. It's all about getting out of your house and meeting your neighbors. A burden that is too heavy for one person to bear is easy for a team to carry. We all know that. Get to know what other people in your park are up against and help out; you might need help yourself someday.

There were panels of attorneys that answered *MRL questions from the audience. Of course, Bruce Stanton was there, so was Will Constatine and reps from the San Diego group Endeman, Lincloin, Turek, & Heater.

*GSMOL - Golden State Manufactured Homeowners League

*MRL - Mobile Home Residency Laws

Much Thanks to Region 14 Manager, Norma Bohannan for this contribution to our blog

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